Vertigo Home Remedy

The best vertigo home remedy includes natural dietary supplements, vertigo treatments and exercises.

Vertigo is a specific type of dizziness characterized by a spinning sensation experienced while still. It has a variety of causes, and so the treatment of vertigo is generally dependent on the underlying cause.


However, there are a few general home remedies for vertigo that may prove effective for many people. Persistent vertigo should be treated by a doctor, as vertigo can result in serious problems such as vomiting or falling down.

Additionally, any vertigo that is not clearly caused by substance use should be investigated by a doctor, because the potential causes of vertigo include serious disorders such as brain tumors, head injuries, ear crystals, and diabetes.

Home Remedies for Vertigo

One of the best general home remedies for vertigo is Ginkgo biloba. This herb increases blood flow to the brain, which may alleviate some cases of vertigo. Gingko is sometimes taken as tea, but many people take capsules or tablets for medical purposes.

These are widely available in grocery stores, but it is important to make sure not to take too much of this particular vertigo home remedy. It can, in large doses, be toxic to humans.

Another great home remedy for vertigo is ginger. This is often used as a remedy for motion sickness due to ocean travel, but given the nature of vertigo, it often works well for this disorder as well. 

Juiced ginger has a strong lemony taste, but it can be offset by combining the ginger with other juices to make a less concentrated drink. Unfortunately, this vertigo home remedy does not fix the problem for long periods of time, and so it must be continued while the vertigo persists.

Exercise Treatment for Vertigo

A precise set of movements, called an Epley maneuver, is said to be particularly effective for certain types of vertigo. This is usually performed by a medical professional, but once one knows how to do it, it can be done easily at home.

As it only works on certain kinds of vertigo, it is best to have a doctor diagnose the problem and demonstrate the first time.

Some less direct methods may also help with vertigo. Drinking lots of water, making sure to get enough protein, and getting sufficient amounts of vitamins can all help relieve the symptoms of vertigo.

Focusing the eyes on a single object during an attack is said to relieve symptoms of vertigo for some. Avoiding the movements, conditions, and substances that bring on episodes can also help significantly.

However, avoidance is usually not a good long-term plan, as this can significantly decrease quality of life. If the vertigo is caused by alcohol consumption, though, avoidance may be the only option available.

How Long Does Vertigo Last?

Vertigo is much easier to treat when the specific condition causing the vertigo is diagnosed. For instance, if the vertigo is cause by a brain tumor, then it won’t go away until the tumor is removed.

If there are free-floating crystals in the ear, a condition also called benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, the crystal issue must somehow be resolved.

The important thing to remember is that vertigo is more a symptom than a disorder, and while these treatments can make living with vertigo more bearable, a true vertigo home remedy will get rid of what is causing the vertigo in the first place.

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