Tea Tree Oil Uses and Remedies

Tea tree oil uses are many, as the oil is very potent and multifunctional. Tea tree is a natural essential oil also known as melaleuca oil. It is probably one of the most common of essential oils.

The effectiveness of pure tea tree oil uses is quite amazing actually. It is capable of treating and curing hundreds of ailments and skin problems.

Melaleuca oil wasn't discovered by the outside world until about 60 years ago, however it was commonly used by the indigenous Bundjalung people of eastern Australia.

These people often inhaled from the leaves of the tea trees to cure coughs and colds. Wounds and skin problems were also cured by allowing the leaves to rest on the infected area and cleanse it.

The essential oil is used as an antiseptic, antibacterial, and fungicide, among other things. Current research supports its effectiveness with skin care such as acne, Candida, ringworm, and yeast infections as well.

Tea Tree Oil Benefits

Tea tree essential oil is inexpensive to buy and can be found in any drugstore. It is amazing how many uses there are and how many treatments can be made from it in your own home.

Here are many common ailments and tea tree treatments used:

Antifungal. Almost all fungal problems on the body, such as under finger and toenails, are easily treated with tea tree antiseptic. Apply a few drops daily until all signs of the problem are gone.

- If you have dandruff, tea tree shampoo is a great solution. Many people use this to cure and prevent flakes and dry skin.

- Skin problems such as acne and Candida have been shown to respond well to tea tree therapy. A few drops applied on a daily basis is an effective treatment.

- For your gums and teeth, tea tree oil toothpaste works wonders. Halitosis (bad breath), gum disease, canker sores, and pain caused by bacteria are easily treatable in your home this way. If you can not find the toothpaste, rubbing a few drops on the affected area will also work.

- If you are out in the woods, tea tree gel or oil can cure many common problems. Insect bites, bee stings, small wounds, lice, poison ivy, and sunburn are treatable this way. Lightly dab a small amount of the gel onto any sore area about twice per day.

Ear infections are also helped with the use of melaleuca oil. You can apply a few drops to the end of a cotton Q tip and swab the outside of the ear to help treat and heal infections.

- Although previously herpes has no cure, some studies are showing that tea tree lotion may help. Cold sores, for example, are common and can be healed. Shingles, warts, and chicken pox are also easily treatable skin problems.

Athlete's foot. In addition to fungi, tea tree skin care is very effective, especially against athlete's foot. A few drops on the problem area twice daily is all that is needed.

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