Skin Care Recipes to Clean, Soften, and Brighten Your Skin

Want to learn how to make great skin care recipes in your kitchen? Try these easy home remedies for glowing skin.

Taking care of your skin is probably one of the most important parts of any beauty regimen. Healthy skin truly can make or break your appearance. It is very important to make high quality skin care recipes to keep your skin soft and radiant as well.

I love trying different creams and lotions, but two recurring things always come to mind:

1. Skin care products are needlessly expensive. A tiny jar or bottle can cost well over $60 depending on the company name and brand.

That's about $55 spent paying for their advertising campaign, and about $5 spent on their secret recipe product. No, thank you.

2. Skin care products (expensive or otherwise), rarely make good on their promises. They consistently claim that a new found rare secret ingredient from a far off island will deliver miracles, yet very few actually do.

I've had tremendous success mixing and creating fun ingredients for various remedies at home. 

All of my skin care recipes have given me real results in a short matter of time, and most of them only cost $1 to $5 to make.

With all the crazy chemicals they're putting in our "health" products today, it's no wonder many people are looking into other options.

I have created great natural skin care recipes and homemade lotions for almost every skin and hair problem, and they've worked really well. They are far more effective, cheap, and organic than store products. 

Here are five of my favorite kitchen created skin treatments.

Skin Care Recipes
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A Home Remedy to Lighten Skin

For a long time, lemon has been known for its natural lightening effects on a variety of things, including skin.

Lemon can be used as a facial cleanser and to lighten dark patches to create a more even skin tone. It can also be used to gently fade away freckles and discolored marks on the skin.

While lemon is a great lightener, it can also make your skin very sensitive because of its acidity.

To use on a daily basis, mix 1 tsp lemon juice into 1 1/2 cups of your daily moisturizing lotion. Use this mixture daily to lighten your complexion.

Wrinkle and Eye Puffiness Recipe

Unfortunately, many of us are in need of some good skin care recipes to reduce puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles around our eyes.

Here is something each of us can do about it.

You may have seen on TV or heard from your mother that cucumber is great for reducing puffy eyes. This is true! But, there is a better way.

Using both avocado and cucumber together can effectively eliminate both eye puffiness and wrinkles. Avocado has natural oils that can plump and rejuvenate skin, while cucumber adds moisture.

Cucumber rehydrates, cools and soothes the skin. This helps both reduce the puffiness, and also adds water to the skin to plump it and help the wrinkles fade.

Begin by using an avocado-honey paste around your eyes to sooth the skin, plump it, and begin erasing those wrinkles. After 20 minutes, gently rinse it off.

Then, try the traditional method of lying on your back with cucumber slices over your eyes. Leave these on for an additional 15 minutes. After this home spa treatment, you should feel healthier skin and see more beautiful young eyes.

Skin Care Recipes for Soft Skin

Use 1 to 3 teaspoons of warmed honey on sensitive and thin skin to soften, hydrate and cleanse.

This recipe can be used daily or a few times per week. Delicate areas such as the face, neck, and upper chest bone area will benefit from this home remedy.

Honey is known for its ability to both cleanse and soften skin. It is a good skin facial and face wash follow-up recipe. It's also a great way to come out looking and smelling fabulous.

Skin Care Recipes for Razor Burn

Razor burn is undeniably annoying, and not so great to look at. This imminent result of shaving can cause sensitive, unsightly skin in the worst of places.

It can also cause painful ingrown hairs from the hair growing outside of the follicle. Here is a helpful ingrown hair home remedies advice page that can help.

To calm razor burn, blend 1/2 of a banana, two teaspoons of olive oil, and three teaspoons of honey in a blender. Apply generously to the razor burn area, and let it heal your skin for 10 to 20 minutes. Repeat daily until it is fully healed.

This recipe will last you for several treatments, so be sure to seal and refrigerate it well.

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