Skin Abscess Treatment

If you have boils and are looking for skin abscess treatment, treating and healing at home is easy and safe.

Skin abscess treatment is most often done at home. In most cases boils are fairly simple and can be easily taken care of without a doctor.

Skin abscesses are more commonly known as "boils". A boil infection is an infection that occurs deep in the skin that starts out soft and red.

As time goes on, boils become hard and form a "head", which is a pustule at the top of the skin. Once at this stage, treating boils is fairly simple at home. If the condition is serious, it may be necessary to lance the boil at a doctor's clinic.

What Causes Boils?

Most commonly, boils are caused by one of three problems:

  • Ingrown hairs
  • Foreign objects
  • Acne

A skin boil caused by ingrown hairs are especially common. An ingrown hair is one that does not grow straight out the follicle as it should, but rather twists and begins to penetrate through underlying skin layers. This causes extreme irritation and thus may cause a boil to form. 

Foreign objects, such as splinters, may also cause boils on the skin as the body works naturally to get it out. White blood cells will form around the object to "fight" it, thereby creating pus under the skin. Cuts and scrapes can also become a boil if an infection occurs and thus require skin abscess treatment.

Acne is another common boils' cause. Whether you get them during puberty because of hormone imbalances or it is simply a genetic issue, many people have this problem. It is called "cystic acne". If you have cystic acne, you may want to check out these home remedies for cystic acne.

Skin Abscess Treatment Methods

Early treatment is definitely recommended to effectively treat boils. Whether it is still soft and red or it has become hard and tender, applying heat is the first treatment for boils you should try.

You may decide to use a dry hot compress or a hot soaked cloth, but either way make sure you are keeping it warm for around thirty minutes per day. This will help bring antibodies to the area so they can fight it off.

Treatment for boils that are mature and have a pustule can be slightly painful to do. It is important not to damage your skin or pores by squeezing the infected area.

Instead, take a very thin pin or needle and use it to create a small opening at the top of the "head". 

Once finished, you should immediately apply an antibacterial essential oil to kill the infection. Here is a list of antibacterial agents you can use:

  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Witch Hazel
  • Garlic
  • Neem Oil
  • Eucalyptus Oil

Another important part of skin abscess treatment is prevention in the first place.

Make sure you are maintaining good hygiene. Antibacterial soap should be part of your daily regimen, especially in areas where you often get boils.

Make sure that you maintain a healthy, vegetable laden diet. Adding garlic into your everyday meals is also a great way to keep infection and inflammation low in your body overall. 

A shower brush is also a great thing to have on hand and use daily, as it will exfoliate your skin well and break up any "plugs" in your pores that may begin to form a boil.

Usually, skin abscess treatment is simple and should be done at home. However, there are some unusual circumstances when this isn't true.

If you have diabetes or any underlying illnesses, your immune system may be weakened and this may cause you to get boils often. In this case, the diabetes should be your main concern. 

Patients on medications also may be more susceptible to boils depending on the prescription they are taking. If you start getting boils after taking a prescription medication, you should also talk to your doctor about it, or get off the medication completely if you can.

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