Ringworm Home Remedies

Here are a few of the best ringworm home remedies. If you need treatment for ringworm, you can use a variety of methods to get rid of it.

Ringworm is not a worm at all, but a fungi related to jock itch and athlete’s foot. The fungi, called dermatophytes, eat the keratin in your outer layer of skin.

You’re most likely to pick up ringworm on skin that stays moist and warm, but it’s also often on your scalp where it’s more difficult to see. You can even get this fungus in your nails!

Is Ringworm Contagious?

If you think you have ringworm, be careful not to spread it to anyone else. It’s highly contagious. On that note, if you’ve got ringworm, you must have caught it somewhere yourself.

This would be a very good time to check any pets, because there is a reasonably high chance you got it from an animal. They may need ringworm home remedies as well if this is the case. 

Lucky for you, ringworm is relatively easy to get rid of. There are lots of home remedies for ringworm that are very effective. To start, you will need to apply an anti-fungal substance to your skin to kill it.

You also need to stop yourself from scratching, because scratching will spread the infection. Once you isolate it and kill it, your skin will begin to heal quickly. Just make sure that no other animals or people you come in contact with have it, or you can get the infection again.

Simple Ringworm Treatments

There are a couple of really harsh cures for ringworm out there. For example, some people like to put bleach on their ringworm with a cotton ball. This definitely kills the fungus, but it also definitely kills your skin.

There’s a reason moms wear those yellow cleaning gloves: bleach hurts. Bleach burns your skin. You also run the risk of rubbing it into your eyes because you’re not supposed to wash the bleach off the affected area. Suffice to say, there are better ringworm home remedies out there.

Another controversial cure is the “clear nail polish” cure. This involves covering each welt with clear nail polish to “suffocate” the infection. Some sources claim that using nail polish remover also kills the infections, other say suffocating it with nail polish is sufficient. Be careful if you try this, as nail polish (and remover) on your skin can cause serious irritation.

Natural Treatment for Ringworm

In addition to these methods, there are also some good natural cures. Neem oil is one of the best and oldest cures for fungal infections. A traditional Indian cure made from a “cure-all” tree called Neem, you can find this product at lots of natural food stores and places that sell essential oils.

While this isn’t something you likely have lying around the house right now, it can also be used to fend off mosquitos, repel small pests, and treat acne. It’s a very good investment. For ringworm, add half a teaspoon of neem oil to a cup of aloe vera and mix it thoroughly. Rub it on the affected skin twice a day, keeping it away from your eyes and nose.

Other ringworm home remedies include tea tree oil (a very good one), black walnut extract, or apple cider vinegar applied directly to the rings. These are all strong anti-fungal treatments. They can be used at full strength or diluted, depending on the sensitivity of your skin.

You can also use lavender to reduce inflammation and itching, which will make the infection more manageable. Lavender helps heal infections, but it is more powerful as a soothing agent. You might also consider adding some garlic to your diet, as this is an effective anti-fungal as well.

How to Cure Ringworm with this Wash

To keep ringworm away, combine these ingredients in a soap for use after sports activities. This essential oil soap will work to keep away all dermatophytes.

It’s important to wash well and wash often. If you have experience making bar soaps, you can integrate these oils into your process. If you do not have experience making soaps, try adding a few drops of these oils to an unscented liquid soap and mixing well.

One last side note: never use these ringworm home remedies on a pet without checking out the effects they might have on animals.

For example, if your cat has ringworm, and you give the little guy more than five drops of tea tree oil, he might die because that oil is toxic to kitty livers. These are remedies for people, not pets! Never assume that all treatments work for all animals and all humans. Even something harmless can be dangerous if you use too much of it.

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