Natural Flea Remedies

Here are a few of the best natural flea remedies to control fleas in your house and on your pet. Home remedies for fleas are cheap, easy, and chemical-free.

Fleas are an issue that most pet owners face at one time or another, and can be very frustrating to try to get rid of. These tiny parasites cause skin issues, anemia, and sometimes even disease.

Why Use Home Remedies for Flea Control?

A single female flea can lay over 500 eggs in a lifetime. This can be frightening when you think of all the fleas that your pet may bring into the house.

Almost everyone agrees that they need to be eliminated, but the question of "how" is a much debated one.

Natural Flea Remedies
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Some advocate using flea medications, somewhat toxic flea collars, and chemical “flea bombs” to eradicate them from the house.

Others prefer to use a more natural, chemical-free process.

Using natural flea remedies can keep your pet, your children, and yourself more healthy than using toxins to exterminate them.

Here are a few simple ways you can get started.

The Best Homemade Flea Control

The very first thing you should do is treat your pet, and then take on the task of eradicating fleas from your home.

Diatomaceous earth is a great natural insecticide and one of the best natural flea remedies for cats. It is a white, very fine powder that is essentially the remains of fossilized micro-algae. It is perfectly safe for pets and humans (just try not to breathe much of it in), but will work its way into between the plates of a flea's hard shell and cut into its tender joints. 

Food grade diatomaceous earth is also safe to eat. In fact, what you may not know is that we humans already eat it when we eat flour. This is because many grain farms will put diatomaceous earth into their enormous grain storage bins to keep insects from feasting on the food. 

I will rub about 1/4 cup of the powder all over each of my cats from head to toe when I treat them. It's really best to do this in a well-ventilated area (preferably outside) because it is so dusty.

With an initial flea infestation, you will want to apply the powder every three days for the first month, then once every week or two after that for maintenance.

The downside to using this product is that it can leave little layers of find dust on your furniture, so you'll need to practice vacuuming and dusting regularly. The positive side is that it is natural and effective. 

One good remedy is to squeeze the juice of one lemon into a quart of water, and then add two cloves of garlic, minced. Mix the solution well and strain it. Then, pour the liquid into a spray bottle and spray over your pet. Use a little extra on the neck and behind the ears.

While this remedy is unlikely to work on cats, for obvious reasons, it is also a good spray to use on your couches, carpets, and pet bedding. Always be sure to watch your pet's skin to make sure there are no reactions. You can also use a mixture of ¼ cup apple cider vinegar and one quart of water to use around the house.

Another good spray you can use on your pet occasionally or in your home is one with one quart water and one tablespoon eucalyptus oil. This natural oil is toxic to fleas and will kill their eggs.

The next step is to treat your house. You should be sure to vacuum often in order to keep some of the fleas and eggs at bay. Use the natural sprays above to flea-proof your carpets and upholstery once or twice per month. Make sure you have a HEPA filter on your vacuum so that the bugs can't escape.


It is also good to know that you can use cedar chips around your house and garden to keep outside fleas away.

Fleas tend to stay away from cedar chips, making them a good barrier between your home and the outside world.

In addition to treating your house and pet, keeping your pet's bedding flea-free is just as important. The best natural flea remedies for bedding are to wash it regularly- preferably once a week.

You can also throw in ¼ cup apple cider vinegar or some tea tree oil to the wash load to ensure that all of the parasites are dead. Make sure that the bedding gets rinsed thoroughly and thrown in a hot dryer.

Dog Flea Treatment- Homemade Collars

One of the best natural flea remedies you can make at home is make your own flea collar. These should be used on dogs only, and watched to make sure no redness or irritation occurs. You will need:

  • 2 tsps peppermint oil
  • 1 tsp citronella oil
  • 2 tsps eucalyptus oil
  • 1 tsp apple cider vinegar
  • 4 tsps olive oil

Mix these oils together on low heat until they are completely blended together. Then, take a cotton bandana or cord and soak it in the oils for at least an hour. Wring out the collar and let it dry for a few hours before placing on your dog.

If any redness does occur, it would be best to only leave the collar on for a short while each day or remove it completely. The olive oil is there to keep the other oils from becoming too strong, so make sure that you add enough of it to the mixture.

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