How to Cure A Sinus Infection

In a tough economy such as ours, it can be difficult to afford doctor's visits for every sniffle and cough. If you have a dry sinus, learning how to cure sinus infection can be very helpful. 

Sinus infections are also known as sinusitis. It is caused by an inflammation of your sinus and nasal passages. Acute sinusitis most often occurs after you have had a common cold, because your immune system is weakened.

Many people suffer through chronic sinusitis, which can be a constant problem. If this describes you, seeing your doctor is probably your best option for treatment.

Sinusitis Symptoms

A common cold sinus infection most often causes one to feel pressure in the head, eyes, and ears. This may also be followed by headaches and sore eyes.

The best way to relieve sinus pressure is to relax in a quiet area, while allowing your head to rest below the level of your heart. This will encourage blood flow to your head, and help to relieve some of the pressure.

Other symptoms of a sinus infection include a fever, coughing, uncomfortable throat, congestion in the nose, and bad breath.

Sinus Infection Remedies

Here's how to cure sinus infection as quickly as possible. Like with any common cold, there are no concrete cures to instantly take away the bacterium or virus. Time and rest are much needed at this point.

Sinus infection remedies such as using a menthol-based cream or fresh garlic or horseradish on your chest and under your nose can quickly help clear your nasal passages. In addition, you should be drinking a lot of water or hot tea to help your body get rid of the infection.

Inhaling steam, either from a hot bowl of water or while in the shower, is definitely recommended. Doing this for 10-15 minutes every three to four hours usually helps a lot.

It may also help to lay with your face pointing towards the ceiling, so that your nasal passages can drain easily. This may also help to relieve sinus pressure.

Remember that the simple things matter as well. Giving yourself time to rest while taking daily multivitamins can do much for your immune system.

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