Home Remedies for Varicose Veins

The best home remedies for varicose veins lie in traditional preventative methods, but you may be able to cure varicose veins with diet, exercise, and healthy living.

It can feel really uncomfortable walking around in shorts or a bathing suit when you have spider veins and varicose veins. For most people, they are a major downer and a solid cause of lowered self-esteem.

Spider vein treatment and varicose veins treatment is not easy, and so far no tactic has been proved completely effective. The best way to get rid of them is to not have them in the first place.

Causes and Alternative Treatments for Varicose Veins

One of the main causes of spider veins in legs is your health. If you smoke and/or have a poor diet, you are at a much higher risk of getting varicose veins in your legs.

The best home remedies for varicose veins are simply in regards to taking care of yourself! If you don't do this, there isn't much that can help you anyway.

Ways to Reduce Pressure on Your Veins

  • Elevate your legs while sleeping.
  • Eat ginger, cayenne pepper, and garlic to shrink overstretched veins.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Don't cross your legs.
  • Lose any excess body weight.

In addition, your weight in relation to your health also makes much of a difference. If you are overweight, it is almost inevitable. Women tend to get them more often than men, but both genders are likely with weight issues.

This is because spider veins and varicose veins occur when those veins have more pressure than they can handle. Obviously, excess weight contributes to this.

Pregnancy is another common cause. Just like with any rapid weight gain, your veins and arteries are put under excess pressure, and this quite often causes varicose veins in pregnancy.

During pregnancy, the best you can do is exercise reasonably for your term and circumstances, maintain a healthy growing weight, and release the pressure by not sitting or standing for too long at a time.

These simple home remedies for varicose veins are excellent preventative measures, especially when you are adding baby weight to your own weight.

Natural Treatment for Varicose Veins

Home remedies for varicose veins almost always advise you to put your feet up. This is important because it takes the pressure out of your arteries; pressure that may cause the bulging, twisted veins.

You should rest your feet above the level of your heart to relieve the pressure. Also keep in mind that it is a good idea NOT to cross your legs, as this also may put unreasonable pressure on your veins and arteries.

You should be switching positions often, not allowing your legs to "fall asleep" and stifle your blood flow. Good blood flow throughout your body is essential to preventing, and sometimes treating, varicose veins and spider veins.

Additional Steps to Getting Rid of Varicose Veins

Whether you are a guy or a gal, don't wear high heels or pantyhose!

Heels put unnecessary force and pressure on your calves because you must balance all of your weight on less than half the normal size of your foot. As you can tell, this can easily cause varicose and spider veins from the pressure issue.

Tight fitting clothes and pantyhose are a bad idea for the same reasons. They restrict blood flow in your legs, the exact thing you need to prevent bulging veins in the first place.

I already have a bad case of varicose veins, what can I do?

Managing your weight, keeping the pressure off and staying healthy are your best home remedies for varicose veins. There are no magic creams or potions of alligators' foot that will make them disappear.

With today's technology, your best bet may be to get them laser treated by a dermatologist, if they are severe. It may cost you some, but the process becomes cheaper every year. The pain is minimal and the effects are quite good overall, so you may consider having them removed once and for all.

If your marks are only somewhat noticeable, losing weight and improving your diet will make them go away, so long as you start right away.

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