Home Remedies for Psoriasis

The best home remedies for psoriasis are very effective, yet for some people are also difficult to implement.

Psoriasis can wreak havoc on your life, so it’s important to get on top of it and figure out a method that works for you. Everyone’s psoriasis is different, and because of its episodic nature, it’s very difficult to treat.

A treatment might work well once, and then never work for you again. It’s frustrating, and it can be distressing, because not only is there no well isolated cause, there’s also no sure fire cure.

Some people struggle with slow metabolism, some people struggle with hair loss, and you struggle with accelerated skin growth. That’s ok! The people around you who love you don’t judge you for it, and other people don’t judge you half as much as you judge yourself.

One of the most effective treatments for psoriasis is also one of the most difficult to implement. An anti inflammation diet uses food to completely cleanse your body of toxins and chemicals, things that promote skin and health problems.

Help for Psoriasis

Psoriasis is often triggered by stress, so if you don’t make this skin condition a focal point of your life, you’ll probably get fewer flare-ups.

Rest assured that you’re not going to give psoriasis to anyone else: it’s 100% non-communicable. And, with that out of the way, let’s talk about some ways to make your psoriasis more tolerable with home remedies for psoriasis.

Before you address the outward manifestations of psoriasis, you should make sure that you’re doing everything you can to make your body cooperate. If you’re overweight, you should work to maintain a healthy weight. People who had psoriasis at an unhealthy weight typically see their psoriasis improve at a healthier weight.

You should also try to include fish oils, nuts, sesame seeds, and raw vegetables in your diet, while avoiding all animal fats and gluten, which can trigger flare-ups.

Best Psoriasis Cure

Here's the thing. Psoriasis is a disease caused by inflammation in the body. Thus, diet and exercise are very important for managing psoriasis. Unfortunately, this is often the first part that sufferers ignore. 

What is inflammation caused by? Processed foods, chemicals, additives and dyes, dairy, gluten, and sugar. Pretty much the majority of the Standard American Diet.

So what can you do? Avoid these! I know it will be hard, but it can make a big difference in your condition. Load your plates, from breakfast to dinner, with fresh vegetables, fruits, lean meat, shrimp, olive and coconut oils, wild salmon, nuts, and seeds. 

Once you've completed a diet overhaul, other home remedies for psoriasis will just be icing on the cake.

As for the manifestations on your skin, most dermatologists recommend an emollient of some sort. You can luxuriate in your favorite body oil, or just rub on some petroleum jelly after a bath.

Psoriasis makes your skin dry, which can cause flaking, which is uncomfortable. Make sure to stay moisturized, but also remember to stay clean: warm baths can cut down on psoriatic scaling. You can make bathing and moisturizing your daily relaxation ritual and get great results with these home remedies for psoriasis.

Another amazing treatment for psoriasis is UVB rays. Yes, that’s right, sunlight! Don’t just run out in the sun or to a tanning salon, though.

Skin cancer is much, much worse than psoriasis. You still need to wear sunscreen. Try getting a UVB Narrowband lamp (specifically developed for psoriasis!) and sitting under it for its recommended time.

As far as psoriasis supplements, there are a few options. Some people have had some success with cayenne pepper supplements, others with bitter gourd juice.

These treatments, though, are met with such variable success that they’re difficult to recommend. 

Psoriasis and Tanning

Here’s some good news for psoriasis sufferers. A hugely successful cure for psoriasis is something called climatotherapy. This is an approach to skin therapy that combines the healing effects of UV light and dry climates. In other words, a vacation! Yes, a vacation is a great cure for psoriasis.

You can take a trip to a hot, dry area guilt free, because for an enormous percentage of people (over 90%), this really does work. In addition to the improved climate, you also get a de-stressing treatment for superb results.

If you’re adventurous, you can also try something truly bizarre when you go to an area targeted to people with psoriasis. This is called “ichthyotherapy.”

There are clinics with special pools filled with certain fish designed to relax and heal you. The fish is called a “doctor fish,” and it eats away the dead flaking areas of your skin leaving the healthy skin behind. It’s not a permanent solution, but a great excuse for a trip nonetheless and solid home remedies for psoriasis. Thailand (specifically Bangkok) is well known for its doctor fish clinics.

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