Home Remedies for Morning Sickness

These home remedies for morning sickness can help prevent nausea and lessen its severity. Many women swear by these cures for morning sickness, as they actually work very well when taken regularly.

Most women, during the early stages of their pregnancies, experience morning sicknessIf you start feeling sick, start by drinking lots of water throughout each day. Although you should be doing this already for the health of you and your baby, fluids will ease your digestive system. They will also make vomiting less severe as the bile is diluted.

How to Prevent Morning Sickness

It is quite common during pregnancy to get morning sickness. Most women begin between one month and six weeks into the pregnancy. It often lasts well into the sixteenth week as well.

Home remedies for morning sickness can do a lot to help. Did you know that most often morning sickness is caused by stress on the liver? The first thing you should do is start eating very healthily! This goes for pre-pregnancy as well. 

You can't expect to not be nauseous while pregnant if you have been eating chips and pizza beforehand. Stock up on fruit, berries, vegetables, and lean meat such as shrimp. Stick to it! 

In addition to your healthy diet, drink a cup or two of lemon ginger tea each day. Lemon and ginger are gentle liver detoxifiers, and will support your liver and cleanse your body at the same time. 

To make the tea, use any tea that you typically enjoy drinking. Oolong and green tea are perfect bases. Add a 1" piece of garlic and 1/3 lemon juice (fresh squeezed!) to your tea and allow it steep for 20-30 minutes before drinking.

Help for Morning Sickness

You can also help support your liver with a few common supplements. Many women swear by this combination of extracts and enzymes. Take them with food a couple of times a day.

  • Milk Thistle Extract
  • Perilla Seed Oil
  • Digestion Booster - lipase, amylase, protease, cellulase, lactase

Morning Sickness Natural Remedies

Many women have found that peppermint is morning sickness magic! Eating a peppermint candy or having some peppermint tea may help ease your stomach and quench any feelings of nausea. Plus, it tastes great. 

Morning sickness relief may also come in the form of carbs. More specifically, crackers! If you normally feel ill when you wake up, try eating a handful of crackers before you get out of bed. Allow yourself to settle in for twenty minutes after eating the crackers before you get dressed for the morning.

Additional morning sickness cures also include ginger. Although it hasn't been proven, many fans of alternative medicine claim that ginger helps soothe your digestive system and can ease any feelings of illness.

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