Home Remedies for Ear Infections

It can be expensive going to see the doctor every time you or your child  needs ear infection treatment.

Instead, try using home remedies for ear infections first, and then go to the doctor if the problem doesn't let up. Daily care is essential for good ear health.

The first thing you should know about treating ear infections is that they almost always go away naturally on their own. 

This is a bit of a mixed blessing, as you really don't need to go to the doctor in most cases. However, you might be considering it when you or your child is in pain because of it.

If the infections are constantly reoccuring, it's probably best to skip using a home remedy and talk to your doctor right away. Children especially who have chronic ear infections may need a lot of antibiotics, or possibly surgery.

In most cases, an inner ear infection only occurs every once in a while. This is normal.

So how do you know if your child has one?

The typical ear infection symptoms are pain in the ear, tilting of the head, and even scratching at the ear. Mild to moderate discomfort is common.

Inner Ear Infection Treatment

Home remedies for ear infections often advise that you rest often, with your head elevated so that the fluids can drain properly from the canal.

You might also consider taking a pain relief such as acetominophen or ibuprofen. This obviously won't cure the infection, but will take away the pain as it heals naturally.

Many parents don't want to simply wait it out however, if their child needs ear infection treatment. Many people have found that using garlic oil works well for curing them.

To apply, simply tilt your head to the side and apply a couple drops of garlic oil directly into the ear. Keep your head tilted for another 30 to 60 seconds so there is time for the oil to run into the infected area.

How to Make Garlic Oil

Mix 1 teaspoon freshly minced garlic into 2 tablespoons olive oil. Infuse for 30 minutes, then remove garlic pieces.

You might also want to consider applying heat to help dry up any fluids that are contributing to the ear infection. A store-bought heat pack will do just fine, if you have one.

If not, try warming some rice or vegetables in a bag and pressing them against your ear. Some people have also tried blowing a warm hair dryer into their ear to evaporate some of the liquid.

Ear infections in adults and children usually heal naturally within 2-3 days. If it hasn't gone away by this point, make sure you talk to your doctor. Also be sure to see your doctor if home remedies for ear infections don't improve the problem, or it the infection has gotten worse.

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