Home Remedies for Dandruff

The best home remedies for dandruff are inexpensive and quick acting. If you have severe dandruff, try this home remedy for dandruff.

Natural fixes are often the easiest way to get rid of a flaky scalp, especially if you don't want to spend a lot of money on specialty dandruff shampoo. 

The following methods, done regularly, will leave you flake-free and feeling wonderful. It's time to stop feeling self conscious and start wearing darker colors without worry.

Homemade Dandruff Cure

The first anti dandruff method is exfoliating regularly. Surprisingly, many people don't do this. Scalp dandruff often happens when there isn't enough natural exfoliation happening.

So to start, the first thing you can do to get rid of dandruff is to give yourself a five minute scalp massage with your fingers before you shower each day. This will remove dead skin and promote hair growth without irritating it.

Here's another tip to try!

You should only be shampooing once every other day, or once every third day. Your body really doesn't need much more than this as your natural oils can be stripped away.

Over shampooing is likely to dry out your skin and cause itchiness and flakes, so it is a good idea to slowly accustom your head to only being shampooed once every 2-3 days.

Scalp conditioning remedies just might be the best treatment you've tried so far. To moisturize your skin and hair, soak your hair in olive oil for 30 minutes once per week, and then rinse and shampoo.

Natural vegetable oils, along with regular exfoliation, can completely eliminate dandruff if used on a regular basis.

Here's a final tip for achieving an itch-free and flake-free scalp: Don't use chemical hair products or hair dyes! Both are harmful and dry out your skin more than you would think.

The quality of your skin and hair will improve dramatically without these products coming in to contact. Enjoy your new hair!

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