Ear Wax Removal Home Remedies

The best ear wax removal home remedies will flush out ear wax buildup and prevent infections of the eustachian canal without the use of ear candles.

Ears are one of the worst places to feel discomfort. No matter how bad the buildup of ear wax gets, there’s really no safe way to scrape it out without risking damage to your ears.

Moreover, using cotton swabs or ear picks runs the risk of pushing the ear wax deeper into the ear canal and making the problem worse.

Ear Wax Removal Home Remedies

Many people have experimented with ear wax removal techniques because it’s not a medical problem one usually feels the need to take to the doctor, even though it’s an issue most people have.

Ear wax removal home remedies are often the best cures available, and most people have the materials to implement them at home.

How to Clean Ear Wax

The most direct route to getting rid of earwax is to wash out the ear canal. There are OTC rinses available at most stores meant to accomplish this task, but the savvy shopper knows that these rinses are most or less just hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, and water.

That is, you probably have the equivalent of a rinse in your own bathroom to make your own ear wax removal home remedies with.

To rinse out the ear in this manner, first try putting a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in the ear. It will bubble and tingle, and may make you feel dizzy if it’s cold.

This is best done while lying down on your side, both for the angle and the diminished risk of falling. Once the bubbling stops, direct the ear towards the ground and let the hydrogen peroxide run out. 
You can then repeat the process if you still feel your ears are blocked. 

How to Remove Ear Wax with Oil

Many people also recommend using oil, such as olive oil, to loosen the wax. It is important to use only a few drops of oil, and to let the oil drain out as well.

This works by softening the ear wax, but it doesn't actually detach the wax that’s in there. As such, this method is probably best when combined with other techniques.

Ear Wax Removal Home Remedies

Some people believe that blocked ears are partially caused by inflammation, so changes in diet may also help to relieve ear wax buildup. This may not help you if you already have an ear infection, but can certainly help prevent future ones. 

Adding flaxseed oil or vitamin C to the diet may have beneficial effects. However, most people find that direct ear wax removal home remedies are more effective and more satisfying.

Finally, while it’s not exactly advisable to go around jamming sticks into your ears, when used appropriately and carefully, cotton swabs can in fact finish off the job of ear wax removal. Once other methods have been tried, these may be the best way to find relief.

In particular, after the ears have been washed out, a swab may provide immediate relief from the uncomfortable feeling of wetness that follows and may pull out the detached wax.

Just remember not to push anything deep into the ear, no matter how bad it itches, as a ruptured ear drum is a serious injury and will lead to a much more expensive trip to the emergency room! 

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