Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey Recipe

One of the best all around cleansing and detoxifying remedies for your body is the apple cider vinegar and honey drink. Originating in ancient Greece, people have been drinking this mixture for thousands of years for health and vitality.

It was prescribed by Hippocrates in the 400s BC, and continued to be used well into the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in Europe.

The Benefit of Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar

This mix is also a powerful yet natural disinfectant that can be used within your body and inside your home. It can be used as a trap for fruit flies, a deodorizing agent for a "skunked" pet, or a disinfectant for your kitchen.

Apple Cider Vinegar Cures
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The apple cider vinegar and honey drink is probably best known for having antibiotic and antiseptic properties. This means that it detoxes the body when taken on a daily basis.

This might explain why so many women use it as an anti-aging daily drink. It washes out impurities from the body that cause wrinkles and age spots, and is a great prescription for acne.

Why Do Apple Cider Vinegar Remedies Work?

One of the reasons apple cider vinegar and natural honey works so well is that it alkalizes your body. Based on your pH level, your body is either in more of an alkaline state or more in an acidic state.

It is much healthier for you to be in alkaline. Unfortunately, almost all of the packaged and processed foods we consume today acidify our body. When this happens, we are much more susceptible to bacteria, viruses, and the start of diseases.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey


Making apple cider from scratch!

When your body is in an alkaline state, it is balanced and thus has the ability to stop diseases from forming and spreading, and prevents most sicknesses from harming you.

Alkalizing foods we find today are natural fruits and vegetables, whole grains, natural honey, legumes, nuts and seeds. Those with poor diets are much more likely to have unhealthy, acidic diets prone to disease and illness.

Apple cider vinegar and honey is a strong alkalizing agent that washes out free radicals and restores balance to the body. This is why infection is much less common in people with good diets than in those who have poor diets.

The vinegar is the part of the drink that is the most beneficial. Most people simply add honey to cover the taste. However, all natural honey (read: unrefined) is also very good for you and can contribute to your health.

Even though you probably think the ACV and water mixture tastes horrible, the good news is that most people report that after a week or two the taste becomes enjoyable. That is, after your body has had time to be fully cleansed from regular consumption, it begins to welcome the drink.

If you still can't get past the smell or taste, there is another way. One of the best tasting recipes for this health drink is a mix of apple cider vinegar, apple juice, and honey.

You can even warm it a little to resemble a hot cider. However, heating too hot or microwaving will kill the natural organisms in your apple cider vinegar, so be sure to heat it slowly over the stove and only bring it to a warm temperature.

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