ADD Natural Remedies

Knowledge retention.


The ability to focus.

These are a few of the things that attention deficit disorder strips away from us. It isn't an easy thing to live with, and doctors still aren't sure exactly what causes it. 

We do know, however, that there are a few ways to help manage it. 

Herbal Supplements for ADD

  • Lemon Balm
  • Gingko Biloba
  • St. John's Wort
  • Grapeseed Extract
  • California Poppy
  • Chamomile
  • Skull Cap

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ADD Natural Remedies

The number of children suffering from ADD and ADHD over the last few decades has skyrocketed compared to older generations.

More and more it seems that possibly even a majority of school aged kids suffer from attention deficit disorder.

Many kids find learning, concentrating, and focusing to be more difficult than it is for their peers.

As a parent, it can be hard to watch your child struggle and to try to help them find solutions, all the while being pushed medication by doctors.

Medical prescriptions for ADD and ADHD are no simple cough syrup. Many of them are serious drugs that can be addictive. Some are even related to harsh illegal drugs that we scorn today.

If you are hesitant to accept medication to help your child (or yourself) focus on day to day tasks, your first option may be to try incorporating a few ADD natural remedies and evaluate their effect.

There is a lot of skepticism as to why so many of today's children suffer from either ADD or ADHD, but why older generations saw much less of this syndrome. Many people, and with good reason, agree that our food choices have a lot to do with it.

Unfortunately, the majority of foods available today are filled with artificial colors, sweeteners, hormones, antibiotics, and even pesticides and herbicides that are highly toxic to our bodies.

All of these things can have a serious negative effect, and attention deficit disorder is only one of the many perceived consequences.

You may want to read the Anti Inflammation Diet Guidelines here to start.

Natural ADHD Remedies

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ADD Natural Remedies

The first thing to do is to switch over to completely organic foods, and be picky about what you buy. 

Certified organic doesn't always mean that a product is completely 100% natural, so be selective and read up on products you are interested in before you buy them.

If you haven't considered growing the majority of your food in your back yard, now might be the time to start.

Organic and non-GMO foods can be expensive and sometimes difficult to come by. If growing yourself isn't really feasible, farmers markets are the next best place to get a good deal on unaltered food.

Organically grown fruits, vegetables, and grass-fed lean meats are a great starting point for helping your child overcome their difficulties. Avoiding processed food and drinks is another beneficial step.

If you can make sure that almost all of your child's food is natural food that comes from the earth, you should see vast improvements. 

This will lower your child's intake of sugar by nearly 85%, as well as eliminate artificial colors and sweeteners.

Eating whole, completely pure foods from the earth are great ADD natural remedies for kids who are typically hooked on sodas, chips, and sugary snacks.

Fortunately, there are many healthy substitutes for most foods and drinks that families enjoy. You may consider using Stevia as a sweetener instead of sugar, aspartame, or Splenda. Stevia is a completely natural sweetener that is extracted from the Stevia redaubiana plant.

Herbal Remedies for ADHD

Other ADD natural remedies include making sure that the person is getting enough Omega 3 fatty acids and healthy probiotics. Omega 3's are generally found in fish and some nuts, and supplements can also be bought.

Purchasing a supplement is a good idea because you can ensure that there is no toxic mercury in the Omega 3, unlike in a lot of fish on the market today. Probiotics are most often found in yogurt, but can be supplemented as well.

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ADD Natural Remedies

In addition to healthy dietary changes, natural remedies such as Ginkgo Biloba, St. John's Wort, Chamomile, Grape Seed Extract, Lemon Balm and whole oats can make a big difference.

Ginkgo especially is known for helping circulation and blood flow to the brain, which might help children focus more and perform better mentally.

St. John's Wort is well known for being used to fight anxiety and depression, and Chamomile is traditionally made into a calming tea that helps the muscles and brain relax.

This may be especially helpful to children with attention deficit hyperactive disorder.

Grape Seed extract is very high in antioxidants which protect the brain from free radicals and toxins, and it may also help circulation to the brain. Grape Seed and Ginkgo are great ADD natural remedies for their role in brain development.

Better blood flow is linked to increased knowledge retention, something that is very important for kids who are trying to focus and learn in school.

Lastly, natural whole oats are also known for helping with mental stress, tiredness, nervousness, anxiety, insomnia, and depression.

A breakfast of whole oats and berries very well may help children focus better, retain information, and have stable glucose levels in the blood that prevent spikes and crashes in energy throughout the day.

Don't give up if your little one isn't ready to move to a completely healthy diet right away. Giving up favorite sugary snacks and cereals can be hard at first, but is likely to be easier if done gradually. 

You can practice making new healthy meals taste great by using lots of spices in your lunches and dinners, and adding small garnishes such as a little brown sugar or some fresh raspberries on morning oatmeal. 

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