Easy-to-Grow Tiny Herb Gardens

Spring time is here and it is the perfect time of year to watch everything bursting into bloom. Having fresh herbs waiting for you right out your back door is convenient, and certainly more cost effective than buying from the store.

If you have never started an herb garden, don't worry. It is easy! They practically grow themselves. This year I decided to start with a selection of herbs and vegetables I use often.

Miniature Herb Garden

Right now I am growing parsley, oregano, cilantro, catnip, tomatoes, spinach, carrots, and tiny strawberry plants.

Because Oregon has frost so late in the Spring, I bought a simple stand-up greenhouse to keep my seeds protected from the cold and to amplify any sunlight that would come through. I must say, they are growing wonderfully!

If you live in a warmer area or are waiting until the frost has passed, you can simply leave the pots outside in a sunlit area. You can buy packages of seed from major grocery stores and from any garden center in your area. I recommend choosing mostly organic varieties.

Small starter peat pots and a nutrient rich seed starting soil is all you will need to get started. Each type of seed has different depth requirements, so make sure you are planting your seeds according to the package instructions. They may be unable to grow if planted too deep.

Miniature Herb Garden

I found that it is easiest to fill your peat pots and soak the soil before planting the seed.

Once all of your pots are filled and planted, it is a good idea to use Popsicle sticks to label them.

Then, simply place them in a warm area and water them daily. You will see them sprout within just a few weeks.

Happy planting!

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