Spring and summer are prime time seasons for allergies to start up and slow you down. Every tree, shrub, and flower you can imagine is in full bloom, spreading their pollens through the wind. You might have also noticed your neighbors have unfortunately taken an interest in having new flower beds, or that the empty building lot across from your home has become infested with pollen-generating ragweed.

Seasonal allergies can be seem impossible to avoid, but there are some things you can do to lessen the impact and keep on with your day.

Stay Indoors. You can cut down on your contact with pollen by staying inside during the morning to early afternoon hours. This is the time when plants produce the most pollen to spread around, so do your housecleaning and homework early.

Don't Cool the House With the Windows. It's tempting in nice weather to leave the windows open and enjoy a gentle breeze, but unfortunately for the those who are allergy-prone, this can make things worse. Pollens easily float on the wind and can enter your house and car through the windows, so be sure to use the air conditioner for cooling and avoid leaving open windows.

Use Saline Drops. If you do spend time outside, you can help your body to avoid too much contact with allergens by putting saline drops in your eyes before and after you go out.

Take Allergy Meds Before Symptoms Start While antihistamines such as Claritin can help after you notice that your allergies are kicking in, many doctors recommend that you begin taking the medication before you notice the signs. This may help prevent them, or at least lessen the severity and duration.

Don't Hang Your Clothes to Dry If you are prone to seasonal allergies, you may need to pay the price and use your clothes dryer during good weather. Hanging your linens and clothes to dry outside is an easy way for them to become covered with invisibe pollens, making it impossible to get through your day- or the night.

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