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Natural remedies and recipes are a great thing to have on hand when allergies kick in, skin problems crop up, and your hair fries after a long, hot summer.

Believe it or not, many things today can be treated in your own home with common kitchen ingredients. Better still, there are hundreds of remedies for health problems and other things that crop up in daily life.

Although the pharmaceutical companies may want us to believe that we can't live without them, our pioneer ancestors just two hundred years ago found tons of ways to use natural resources for healing and prevention when no other methods existed.

The Sumerians of Mesopotamia were one of the first human tribes to begin recording their lives and medicines with the written word more than 5,000 years ago.

Some of their ancient tablets have been found and read by transcribers, and many of these documents told of herbs used for healing.

The ancient physician Hippocrates of Greece was a big proponent of herbal medicine, and became a leader in medicinal research during the 400s and 300s BC.

During the time, most ancient Greeks believed that disease and illness came as punishment from the gods for bad behavior. Hippocrates slowly began to show his people how illness was correlated with diet and lifestyle choices, and how medicine healed through natural processes, rather than superstition and religious beliefs.

It is true that many old folk remedies from the past were based more on spiritual and superstitious ideas than fact. However, there is an enormous amount of research to back up the findings that many plants and herbs do, in fact, have great healing properties.

Many pharmaceutical drugs were once based off of these healing plants, but now cause unpleasant side effects, weakened immune systems, and the death of healthy flora and fauna (probiotics) within the body. This is a direct result of the chemicals that are contained in these drugs.

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Some drugs today are quite necessary in treating disease.

However, for many of them there are natural plant based alternatives that are just as effective.

These natural remedies are not very lucrative however, and as a result pharmaceutical companies simply push commercial drugs as treatment.

My family and I have lived on farmland in the countryside of northern Oregon for generations. I can also proudly say that our family was one of many to make the 2,000 mile trek along the Oregon Trail to settle in the beautiful Willamette Valley.

Needless to say, herbal home remedies and cures have been a big part of family life, handed down from generation to generation.

Please join us and learn all about the interesting ways to brighten your body, health, and home. We'd love to have you.

About This Site

DIY Home Remedies was created to help you find easy, inexpensive and effective ways to overcome pesky illnesses and make you the healthiest person you can be.

Take a peak at our articles and find a little bit of history that has been taught through many generations.

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In making this website I hope to share with you all of my knowledge and successes so that you can enjoy the benefits of a healthier body and happier home.

Please remember: many health related problems need treatment from a medical doctor. If a problem persists, do not hesitate to seek professional help. This site does not give medical advice and should not be used as such. Always consult your doctor before trying any homemade treatment and use your own good judgement in regards to home remedies.

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